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  • Winter in Bavaria

    Looking back: 2019’s favourite photos

    Every year, for Christmas, I choose my favourite pictures taken that very year and create a calendar, that I give away to family and friends.

  • Reflection

    Looking back: 2018’s favourite photos

    For sure, pictures of Hamburg will pop up, and a wonderful hike (you can’t plan on the sun to just shine through the trees in the perfect angle).

  • The cascades of Bad Urach village in southwest-Germany. Even during a drought, they are impressive.

    Hot summer: cool cascades

    A hot summer day, a cool location and a light camera-set: not the worst plan to spend a day off with a friend.

  • Ich habe genug

    Exhibition: public space redefined

    The Department for Public Appearances has been designing and realizing art projects and interventions in public spaces since 1995.

  • Boom!

    My iPhone: a handy camera

    “The best camera is the one you…” – no need to finish this phrase, since it is a commonplace phrase amongst photographers. So just have fun with the gallery I created from my latest photos, I took with my iPhone 6.

  • Wasserschloss Hamburg

    Looking back: 2017’s favourite photos

    I am sure, you’ve experienced that, too: sometimes, your hobby comes to an inexplicable halt. Sometimes completely, sometimes partially. Looking back into the year 2017, I did not find as many photos as in the previous years.

  • Ferry Waiting Room Övelgönne (BW)

    Looking back: 2016’s favourite photos

    2016 has been a mixed year, both in gear and in activity. Gearwise, I got myself a Sony Alpha 6000. Activity-wise, there were three main events to remember

  • mausefalle featured

    Theatre: editing “The Mousetrap”

    Theatre photography is fascinating – especially if you can get onstage with the actors during a dress rehearsal: intriguing perspectives are the reward.

  • White Box IV

    Munich: a Zebra in a WhiteBox

    “WhiteBox” is a new artists’ studio community located in an art-oriented quarter in Munich. I documented the opening with vintage glass and a Sony A6000

  • "Strandkiosk" Hamburg

    Hamburg: a Zebra and a Nikon

    “Choose just ONE lens with a fixed focal length and go discover a city”. A well-known advice I followed in Hamburg, using a vintage Zeiss Flektogon.

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