The Marleen Session

On June 8th 2014, my dear theatre colleague Marleen agreed to model for my first “photo-shoot” – a spontaneous idea and completely unplanned.

Mainly intended to try out my two new Nikon lenses (85mm/1.8G and Micro Nikkor 105mm/2.8G), the session quickly turned into a fun event, thanks to Marleen’s professionalism and unbridled fun of posing for the camera (well, she IS a wonderful stage-person, too – I love her as an actress and singer!).

The headshots all were taken with the 85mm, while for the close-ups of the eyes, I used the 105mm. During about 60 minutes, I took around 200 pictures in different lighting situations: in direct sunlight, in the shade, under a tree with leaking sunbeams and in backlight. The selection turned out to be quite difficult – Marleen just gave me too many choices…

I just have to say a big “Thank You, Marleen” for your patience and dedication!

Here are a few selected shots – If you like to see more, just head over to the Marleen Session Gallery