Looking back: 2017’s favourite photos

I am sure, you’ve experienced that, too: sometimes, your hobby comes to an inexplicable halt. Sometimes completely, sometimes partially. Looking back into the year 2017, I did not find as many photos as in the previous years. Maybe, I did not travel that much or deliberately did not take my camera with me or did not focus on some kind of project – the reasons could be many. So, I just acknowledge the fact and post, what I have found, reviewing 2017’s pictures.

Using my Nikon, my Sony Alpha and my iPhone and working with both the standalone  computer versions as well as the iPhone-apps of Photoshop and Lightroom, these pictures represent quite a “technological mix”. There’s some photos from Hamburg (thank you, Toby, for taking off an entire day and driving me to all the locations we love!), there’s photos from a visit to Nürnberg, and there’s the portraits, Julia – one of my colleagues from work – asked me to do for her portfolio. And, of course, not to miss some more photos from Stuttgart. I especially love those from the TV-Tower, where clouds, rain and the tower’s lights created a stunning atmosphere (it took some experimenting with exposure times, as you can imagine). I hope, you enjoy this small collection.