Looking back: 2016’s favourite photos

2016 has been a mixed year, both in gear and in activity. Gearwise, I got myself a Sony Alpha 6000. Activity-wise, there were three main events to remember: my visit in Hamburg, the opening of Munich’s “Whitebox” and the opening of the murder mystery play “Mousetrap”.

I got the Sony Alpha 6000, because I wanted to add something small and lightweight to my photo-bag. The big Nikon is “too much” in certain situations. I took the Sony out for the first time to the opening of “Whitebox”, a new artist’s studio community in an art-oriented quarter in Munich. I did not use its standard stock-lenses, though, but took my vintage Zeiss “Zebra” Flektogon 50mm/f4, a custom-made “squeezerlens”-adapter plus a Nikon F-mount to Sony E-mout adapter. Get used to adapting, when working with existing lenses on a Sony Alpha… Read more about it here.

The Flektogon played a major role as well during my Hamburg visit. I had the idea to do a series “one town, one week, one lens” and to shoot all pictures with just the Zeiss/squeezerlens-adapter combination. A very fulfilling experience, since you walk the town with a completely different “attitude” and “eye” for situations and motifs. Read more about it here.

And as for “Mousetrap”: taking pictures during the dress rehearsal for this famous Agatha Christie murder mystery was fun during the shoot and a lot of work in postproduction. Fun, because I could be onstage with the actors and get some views and angles otherwise not possible. A lot of work, because I had to edit out all those ugly wireless microphones, the actors had glued to their cheeks – more about that here. But imho, the results were worth the work.

So, enjoy a (smaller than last year’s) collection of my favourite photos from 2016 and have a great photographic 2017, yourselves!