Munich: a Zebra in a WhiteBox

“WhiteBox” is a brand-new artists’ studio community located in an art-oriented quarter in Munich. My sister is one of the artists there – of which I am extremely proud – so of course, I went to the official opening. To travel light, I took a Sony Alpha 6000 to document the opening day. But somehow, I already had the feeling, that I would not use the Sigma 35mm e-Mount lens, that I mounted as the standard-lens, but again, work with the Zeiss Flektogon 4/50 – it has become one of my favorite lenses lately. Mounted on a “squeezerlens”-adapter, it seemed perfect to catch the artistic atmosphere of the opening, just like it has captured my Hamburg-visit (btw.: german photomag “Docma” has chosen 6 of my Hamburg-photos for an article about the Squeezerlens).

So, again, I took a “Zebra” to shoot an entire event (the nickname comes from the silver/black-striped focus- and aperture-rings of this lens). Being a 50mm medium-format lens and adapted to a camera with a crop sensor, it for sure was meant more for portrait work rather than wide-angle photos from exhibition rooms. But I elevated this disadvantage to a principle and just let myself inspire of what the lens would offer.

Shooting with the squeezerlens-adapter is very intuitive – be it focussing or the amount of tilting and shifting. In combination with the Sony A6000 I could use one of the camera’s features to my advantage: the electronic viewfinder can mark edges of elements, that are in focus, with a red line. So I could easily focus on those parts in the image, that I wanted to point out.

Below, you’ll find a gallery with selected photos of the opening day of WhiteBox, Munich. Enjoy – and comment, if you like to!