Looking back: 2015’s favourite photos

When I was looking back to my first “DSLR year” at the end of 2014[sc:Lightbox link=”https://mitundohnefar.be/2932/looking-back-2014s-favourite-photos/” ], I wrote: “so many experiences”. This still is true, when looking back to 2015: you never stop learning, you always get new input, you always discover new techniques or just get inspired.

For example: 2015, I started to develop a technique, that I later on called[sc:Lightbox link=”https://mitundohnefar.be/3211/amalgamum-goin…nd-constraints/” ]AMALGAMUM. The idea was, to dissolve the boundaries, that are inherent in photography: any single photo is a frozen moment in time, in perspective, in mood, in lighting. So, is there a way to go beyond the constraints of a single picture and dissolve time, perspective, movement and form? Yes, by taking multiple pictures from different perspectives and at different times and combining them into a single picture.

A very memorable event in 2015 was the[sc:Lightbox link=”https://mitundohnefar.be/3120/blood-moon-a-rare-and-stunning-experience/” ]”blood moon”. A full lunar eclipse, combined with a supermoon – the moon being very close to the earth. It was a stunning experience, watching the moon turn blood red, and it was very exciting, since I did not know, whether the photos would turn out any good. Of course, I had never before seen nor photographed a blood moon…

2015 also had its moments of confirmed habit. For years, I made it a small tradition to take pictures of a small pilgrimage church in the small village of Pleß in Bavaria, whenever I pass it by with the train on the way to visit my hometown. The view from the train is the best you can get, only the modern train-windows, that cannot be opened anymore, provide a small problem: sometimes, they are just too dirty. So when you see some strange person cleaning a small spot on a train window with a handkerchief on a station platform: that’s most likely me.

As for gear, 2015 added some interesting stuff to my photo bag. The[sc:Lightbox link=”https://mitundohnefar.be/3289/squeezerlens-photographic-jello-shots/” ]”Squeezerlens” (basically a tilt-shift lens based on a russian replica of an old Zeiss lens, mounted on a rubber tube), some wonderful vintage lenses from Zeiss (like the legendary Biometar or a Flektogon), and finally, the changeover from DX to Full Frame. What a big leap in quality!

The latter means: I am looking forward to 2016 and am excited to learn, whether this again changes or evolves my approach towards photography. I am sure, that at the end of the year, I will again write “so many experiences” in retrospect.

And now, I’ll provide you with a gallery of 52 pictures, that will reflect my year in photography…