Thumbs up: Sunsets & Lightroom 6

Don’t we all love a beautiful sunset? Browsing my photo-library, I discovered some old ones and added a few new ones, exploring the new tools in Lightroom 6.

The “Rainstorm” pictures are the most current ones – they happened to be taken just shortly after I upgraded to Lightroom 6. You might ask “what’s that got to do with it”? Well, there’s a new tool, or better: an enhanced tool in the new Lightroom version.In the graduated filter, you now can use a brush to mask out unwanted areas from getting filtered. In the old version, you just could apply the graduated filter to enhance large, rectangular areas – just like the graduated filters you know from photography to darken or colour the sky, for example. The downside: everything, that is “above” the filter’s “horizon”, will be filtered as well.

Now, within the graduated filter’s menu, there is an additional option to bring up a deletion brush. This brush works just like the normal brushes, including all the brush-options, we are used to in Lightroom. So, just call up the brush while still in the graduated filter’s menu and paint over the areas, that should not be affected by the graduated filter. That way, in the “Rainstorm” pictures below, I could prevent the peaks of the “wave-y” horizon and the church’s tower to be affected by the graduated filter.

Some pictures in the gallery were taken and processed with an iPhone – I edited them using Adobe’s PS Express and a HDR-App called “Pro HDR”.