Looking back: 2014’s favourite photos

It’s been an interesting year: so many experiences! In June 2014 I got this website online to write about how I rediscovered the world of photography. It all started with me reading an ad in a newspaper supplement, where they offered a promotional deal on a DSLR I just could not resist. That was in December 2013, and I started to dive deep into that exciting hobby. In young (analog) years, I had owned an SLR, but I only used it during holidays. In the late 90s, I bought a cheap 3 Megapixel DigiCam and took a lot of pictures for the website of our local community theatre.

But all that cannot compare to the impact, the purchase of the DSLR had: I started to experiment with different lenses, I discovered Photoshop and Lightroom, I was full of curiousity and got excited about how this all pushed my creativity. All over sudden, I was out and about to find cool motives and locations, sat (freezing) on the roof of my house for hours to take long time exposures of the night-sky or waited on a hill for the supermoon to rise above the horizon. All over sudden, I learned about the exciting world of photo-editing in Lightroom and Photoshop, started to experiment with filters and exposure settings and even got a large format printer. And I even got acknowledged by being amongst the selected 30 best photos in a worldwide photo competition (with the picture “No.30” below)…

Looking back to my “photographical” 2014 would not be complete without a gallery of my favourite photos from that year. Enjoy!