Supermoon: a chance missed

Summer has come, and I was presented with an unique chance to catch the supermoon. On Aug. 10th, 2014, the moon was extremely close to the earth and at exactly 8:15 pm, the moon was scheduled to rise above the horizon at my chosen location outside of Stuttgart. Being that close to the earth and the given “enlargement effect” of the horizon, the full moon should present itself in a glory seldom seen.

Moon over the roofs of Stuttgart

The location was perfect, since I was on a small hill, overlooking the whole region until the hills of the “swabian alp”. A beautiful landscape with the chance, to also capture some airplanes flying across the rising moon – the Stuttgart airport is right down the hill, and airplanes are still landing and starting at that time of the day. The only thing, that could endanger this, was the weather. The night before, the sky was almost clear and I was able to take some great shots of the almost full supermoon above the roofs of Stuttgart from my living room window. Unfortunately, the next day was as cloudy as could be: not a single chance to even get a glimpse of the supermoon from my location on the hill outside Stuttgart. Too bad!

But hopefully, with the next full moon due in September and the moon still being pretty close to the earth, the weather will be better. Another chance to catch a HUGE moon…

To end with, here are a few selected moon-pictures I was able to catch within the last months. Some more pictures of the starry&moony Stuttgart are on the page “Nightly Stuttgart: there ARE stars!“.