iPhone: a good camera?

a.) I never wanted a cellphone. That was in 1999. Then I got one. I had to admit: I was stubborn before.

b.) I never wanted an iPhone. Too much hype. That was in 2011.
Then I got one. I had to admit: this was one of the best purchases I ever made.

c.) I never wanted to take pictures with my iPhone. That was in 2011. Then I took some and was surprised. Even though the 3GS did not have a really good chip. I even made a big picture book from my father’s 80th birthday celebrations.

d.) I never wanted to upgrade to the “edgy” iPhone 4S – I loved the roundish 3GS. Then I upgraded nevertheless – because of the better camera chip. I was surprised, again.

Why do I tell that story? Because I love to take pictures with my iPhone. It’s always with me. It’s there, when I need it for a quick shot. It’s perfect for street photography. And yes: it’s in no way a replacement for my DSLR, but why being stubborn and demonize the iPhone’s camera? For such a small thingy, it actually does take damn good pictures. See for yourselves…

P.S.: one of the below pictures – “Nr.30” – was chosen by the internationally acclaimed photo community 500px to be amongst the winners in a contest looking for the best pictures taken with a mobile phone. Does that support my above statement? 😉 You can read more about it in my blog post “Proud: 500px jury chose my photo“.
P.P.S.: an additional, more recent gallery with photos I took after I upgraded to an iPhone 6, is available in my blog-post “My iPhone: a handy camera“.