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  • Ferry Waiting Room Övelgönne (BW)

    Looking back: 2016’s favourite photos

    2016 has been a mixed year, both in gear and in activity. Gearwise, I got myself a Sony Alpha 6000. Activity-wise, there were three main events to remember

  • mausefalle featured

    Theatre: editing “The Mousetrap”

    Theatre photography is fascinating – especially if you can get onstage with the actors during a dress rehearsal: intriguing perspectives are the reward.

  • White Box IV

    Munich: a Zebra in a WhiteBox

    “WhiteBox” is a new artists’ studio community located in an art-oriented quarter in Munich. I documented the opening with vintage glass and a Sony A6000

  • "Strandkiosk" Hamburg

    Hamburg: a Zebra and a Nikon

    “Choose just ONE lens with a fixed focal length and go discover a city”. A well-known advice I followed in Hamburg, using a vintage Zeiss Flektogon.

  • Downtown Stuttgart in the mist

    Looking back: 2015’s favourite photos

    When I was looking back to my first “DSLR year” in 2014, I wrote: “so many experiences”. This still is true for 2015. Join me for a “photowalk” through the year gone by…

  • Mariaberg Chapel, Allgäu

    piccure+: lens correction at its best?

    Piccure+ promises correction of motion blur & optical aberrations caused by lenses with never before seen quality – I put the software to the test.

  • Squeezerlens Experiment (Panorama)

    Squeezerlens: a lens like a jello shot

    Discovering the “Squeezerlens” is like a photographic jello shot: unexpected visual side effects combined with the “Vodka” of a russian Zeiss-replica.

  • Fall in the Backyard

    Fall: a season for all senses

    Fall is a season for all senses: misty mornings, sunny afternoons and early blue hours, with an unique quality of light and colors. It is a season rich with motives calling to be captured.

  • Amalgamum III

    Amalgamum: going beyond constraints

    How can you go beyond the constraints of a single picture and dissolve time, perspective, movement, form and even color? My project AMALGAMUM tries to achieve that…

  • Black Forest Fall

    Black Forest fall: foggy, sunny, pretty

    Fall in the Black Forest is amazingly beautiful: leaves changing colors, vines lit by the October sun, foggy mornings slowly revealing the landscape…

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